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" Weelcome, the resoources of the federaaation are at your dispooosal.
Here you will find the suppliers for the paarts you wequire "

- Nute Gunray
Viceroy, Neimoidian Trade Federation

In an effort to answer so many of your questions on where some of these items are available we give you the Trade Federation Supply Lines. Our goal here is to present you with the some of the easiest and most common sources for the parts referenced on our site
Prices do not reflect shipping and handling.

Item Prop Used In Approx. Price Available From
Kenner E-11 Stormtrooper Blaster Rifle Battle Droid Blaster Rifle $19.00 Collectors Empire, Any Toy Store
Electronic Heavy Blaster - 1996 Hasbro/Kenner Battle Mauser $12.00 Collectors Empire, Any Toy Store
Beeman/FWB C55 Naboo S-5 Blaster Pistol $1400.00 Beeman Airguns
Walther LPM-1 Naboo Blaster I $1300.00 Champion's Choice
201 International Blvd.
La Vergne, TN 37086   USA
PHONE: (615) 793-4066
FAX: (615) 793-4070
Walther LP 200 Air Gun Naboo Blaster II $1300.00
Coleman Butane Lighter

$5.00 K-Mart, Meijer
Covertec Belt Clip

$10.00-$15.00 Covertec
Ordering Information
310 Super Hinge Point by Robart A99 Aquata Breather $5.00 (30 pack) RC Plane & Hobby Stores
No. 600 Water Bubbler by Thompson Mfg. Co. Drixfar $5.00 Home Depot (West Coast)
Gillette Ladies Sensor Excell Razor Handle Jedi Comlink $5.00 Target, Walgreens, Etc.
Staedtler Liquid Roller Point Pen Jedi Food Pellets $8.00 (6 pack) Office Depot Online, Staples Stores
iSi basics Odor Steeler Naboo Civilian Comlink $10.00 Lechters, Bed, Bath & Beyond
Flymo GardenVac 1500 plus Sandstat $100.00-$160.00 Flymo
"Green Machine" Single-Person Street Cleaner N-1 Starfighter Refueller ?????? The City of Chicago
MH WAY Structured Day Pack Anakin's Backpack $175.00 NY Style
Laserline Flipdisc 12 CD Wallet
(model FDP12)
Anakin's Backpack $5.00 Wal-Mart, Music Stores, Laserline

Alvin telescoping poster tube

Anakin's Backpack

$12.00 Office Depot Online
7/16" Hemispherical Vessel Heads (VHH-14) Jedi Food Pellets $.36 each (VHH-14) Plastruct
Phone: 800-666-7015
8 am - 3 pm PST
1" Elliptical Vessel Heads (VHE-32) Obi-Wan's Saber $.51 each (VHE-32)
2 3/4" Hemispheres (VHH-275)
3/4" Hemispheres (VHH-24)
1 1/4" Elliptical Vessel Heads (VHE-40)
7/8" Elliptical Vessel Heads (VHE-28)

Naboo Detonator

$3.40 each (VHH-275)
$.55 each (VHH-24)
$.70 each (VHE-40)
$.55 (VHE-28)
Solder Lugs Jedi Comlink $.50 (in quantity) Seastrom Manufacturing
Rubermaid Action Packer Scrubber Droid $10.00 K-Mart, Meijer
Side-Release Buckle for 2" Straps

$2.00 REI
Swedish Leather Ammo Belt Tusken Raider $28.00 Military Surplus Stores,
Mass Army Navy 1-800-343-7749 (#MBB002)
1903 Pattern Bandoliers

$34.95 International Military Antiques Inc.
Ammo Pouches Anakin Tatooine $5.00 Military Surplus Stores
Laser Pointer (Model TI-333) Signaling Unit $18.00
Koenigh 1/18 Lamborghini Model Kit Yoda's Lightsaber ? Good Hobby Stores

ERB 'Maverick' Safety Helmet

Naboo N1 Pilot $5.00 ERB Industries
3M 1450 Ear Muffs Naboo N1 Pilot $25.00 Grainger (# 5F826)
British Mark 8 RAF Goggles Made by Halcyon Naboo N1 Pilot $80.00 Classic Goggles
Fellowes Premier Weighted Base Copyholder
(Stock #21125)
Diagnostic Screen $50.00 Computer Stores
Bike Tire Valve Adaptor Obi-Wan's Saber $1.00 Bicycle Supply Shops
LED Light Bar (part # 276-081) Ki-Adi-Mundi's Saber $3.00 Radio Shack
LED Light Bar Adi-GAllia's Saber $3.00 Active Electronics & other electronics stores
Item Prop Used In Approx. Price Available From

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