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Lightsaber Grip Placement Templates
Templates are designed to fit 1.5" diameter flashguns and are available in multiple file formats.
Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF), EPS, and JPG
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(Note: Some have had trouble with the PDF format templates printing too small - grip length should be 3.625")

7 Grip Template ( PDF, EPS, JPG )

Skywalker ANH lightsaber, Vader ANH lightsaber, Vader ROTJ lightsaber

6 Grip Template ( PDF, EPS, JPG )

Skywalker ESB lightsaber, Vader ESB lightsaber

Lewis Machine Gun Technical Drawings
lewis_sm.jpg (13791 bytes)
Drawing at 50% of Full Size
(195 Kb)
Drawing at Full Size
(561 Kb)


Rebel Pilot Helmet Graphics
These are recreations of some of the graphics commonly found on the Rebel pilot helmets. All are full size EPS files created in Adobe Illustrator and saved as PC format files (readable by both PC and Mac).
Victory Symbol Winged Logo
vict.gif (1417 bytes)
The Alliance victory symbols were created from 3/4" round color labels (yellow and red) and 1/4" black graphic line tape. This file can be used as a guide for recreating them.
winglogo.gif (1147 bytes)
This logo runs down the spine of many pilot helmets. They were painted onto the original helmets so you can use this file to create a stencil. Red Leader had these symbols in red, Wedge Antilles had them in olive drab.
Victory Symbol EPS File
(142 Kb)
Winged Logo EPS File
(129 Kb)
Side Logo
sidelogo.gif (1326 bytes)
This logo adorns the side of many of the Rebel pilot helmets.
Side Logo EPS File
(286 Kb)
Alternate Side Logo

by Jay Pennington

Featured on the sides of the following ANH pilot helmets:
Gold Leader - Dutch , Gold Two - Tiree , Red Four - John D.
Side Logo 2 EPS File
(384 Kb)
Note: If anyone has vinyl cut graphics or other high quality stickers made from these files, we would love to get some, Thanks!


Speeder Bike Blueprint Sheet
SPBIKE_sm.jpg (13470 bytes)
The Art of Return of the Jedi pg.78
When needed, blueprint text was replaced for clarity.
The low image quality is the result of small original pictures.
Download JPEG
(1.1 Mb)
Details Blueprint Sheet Photo of Full Size Model
SPBIKE2_sm.jpg (9870 bytes)
Return of the Jedi Official Collectors Edition
(Movie Souvenir Magazine) pg. 31
SPBIKE3_sm.jpg (6497 bytes)
Speeder Bike - Photo of Full Size Model
Download JPEG
(815 Kb)
Download JPEG
(176 Kb)

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