Used by: Han Solo (worn on his belt)

Note: The small thumbscrew on the head of the flash is missing in this photo.
It was intact for filming, this is a current photo of the prop from the Lucasfilm Archives.

Han's droid caller on location in Norway during filming.
The Parts of Star Wars exclusive photo

For the second installment of the classic trilogy Han's droid caller was again made from an old Kobold camera flash. Kobold flash attachments have many minor variations and this one was different from the previous model used in A New Hope. This Kobold has a stepped transition on the top section and the bottom has a knurled edge. The middle section of the flash was painted by the prop department. The test bulb cover and lightbulb were removed ((seen to the right of the reflector bracket).

kobold1.jpg (12995 bytes)kobold2.jpg (12798 bytes)
Kobold Flash Attachment
This is the variation used for this prop.