Used by: Hoth Rebel Troopers

The BlasTech A280 was the most common blaster rifle used by the Rebel soldiers during the Battle of Hoth. These props were made from the MP44 assault rifle used by German forces during the latter stages of World War II. The wooden stock was removed and replaced by a tube "T" stock. The small antenna like protrusion at the front above the barrel was removed from the gun or it was never there due to the fragile nature of such a piece on the castings used.

An adjustable sling was also added. It was attached using two D-rings, one in the new stock and one through a hole drilled towards the front of the rifle. Just behind the front D-ring on the underside of the gun, a part that resembles a shotgun pump was added.

mp44.jpg (22803 bytes)
MP44 Sturmgewehr Assault Rifle

A scope assembly was mounted onto the gunsight (seen at the top middle in the picture above). This same scope assembly was used on IG-88's BlasTech DLT-20A (which is made from a modified casting of this prop). The back half is cast from an old Single Point red dot scope as seen below. The rest of the parts used are still unidentified.

qpoint.jpg (22078 bytes)
Single Point Scope
Made in England by Singlepoint (Great Britain) Ltd.
Photo: Richard Jacobsen

Just behind the scope assembly a smaller tube piece was added (seen in the top photo just below the soldier's nose), this part's identity is also unknown. On the side of the blaster, two piston halves from a Revell V-8 model engine were painted black and screwed in place with the open ends together. Phillips head screws were used.

Piston Half from Revell Visible V-8 Engine

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