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In an effort to answer so many of your questions on where some of these items are available we give you the Parts Locator. Our goal here is to present you with the some of the easiest and most common sources for the parts referenced on our site
Prices do not reflect shipping and handling.

Item Prop Approx. Price Available From
Graflex Flash Cord

  Camera Shows & Vintage Camera Shops
MG34 parts set w/ demilled receiver
BlasTech DLT-19
$495 International Military Antiques Inc.
Ball Tension Catch
Vader's ROTJ Saber
----- -----
1/2" Allen Head Cap Screw
Vader's ROTJ Saber
  Hardware Stores
Replica Mauser

  Collectors Armoury (item# 22-1226)
(877) 276-6879
Revell Visible V-8 Engine Model

  Toy R Us, Hobby Shops
M3 Grease Gun Flash Suppressor
BlasTech DL-44: Han ANH
$20.00 SARCO, Inc.
Vintage Hengstler Counter Boxes

Out of Stock The Parts of Star Wars
M-40 Scope Casting

$30.00 The Parts of Star Wars
MG-42 parts set
Valken-38 Blaster Carbine
$495 International Military Antiques Inc.
Paterson Squeegee
Boba Fett
 $28.99 B & H Photo
Armitage Shanks Handwheels (Plastic)
Obi-Wan's Lightsaber
MP-44 Parts

  International Military Antiques Inc.
Canadian Mucklucks Snowtrooper $49.95 Canadian ($33.74 USD)
1903 Pattern Bandoliers

$34.95 International Military Antiques Inc.
Item Prop Approx. Price Available From

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