Green jumpsuit with wide yellow trim 
 Orange vest 
 Gunbelt with holster 
  Blaster pistol 



Greedo's jumpsuit is a racing suit worn backwards with the zipper in the back. This same jumpsuit was worn by the other
Rodians accompanying Jabba the Hutt in Docking Bay 94 and also Greedo's cousin Beedo at Jabba's Palace.


There are two different vests worn by Greedo. The first is orange with many pockets probably a military shirt with the sleeves removed. The second was worn during closeups while Greedo is seated talking with Han Solo. This vest was a simpler one of an orange velvet-like material. The reason for the two vests was that pickup shots were filmed later in California and the original must have been unavailable at the time. These shots were the closeups with Maria de Aragon in the Greedo costume. The wrong hands were also used during these shots, she is wearing the Duros hands instead of Greedo's long slender hands with the suction cup finger tips.


The gunbelt is 2" wide and apparantly of a gray nylon web material. On the front of the belt in the middle is a single snap or rivet. The gun holster is hung low on his right hip. Located along the back are 5 metal project boxes.


It is unknown what the original Greedo actor/actress wore during the filming. The other Rodians in Docking Bay 94 wore the same white boots as the Stormtroopers so it's assumed Greedo had the same. Maria de Aragon wore high heels during her brief stint as Greedo.


Greedo's blaster pistol