Used by:
Tusken Raiders

The Gaderffii or "Gaffi Stick" was made from a wooden Fijian war club called a "totokia". The totokias used were the "pineapple type" so called because of the textured end with the pointed head that resembles the fruit. In fact, the weapon's design is based on another fruit, that of the pandanus tree. It was used to punch a hole in a victim's skull.

Totokia - a Fijian war club

Real Native Fijians!!!!!!!!!!!
Benji demonstrates the proper use of the Totokia on his friend Steve.
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The Sand Person that attacks Luke is using a gaderffii that has a pointed metal end with fins on it as pictured at the top of this page. This was created from scratch with some steel and a welding torch. First a steel pipe was stuck into the end of the club. Into this pipe went a solid square rod that was sharpened to a point. On at least one of the "gaffi sticks" the pipe was then hammered on the end to tightly fit to the square rod. Four fins cut from sheet metal were added to the pipe, spaced equally around it. These were welded in place at the top and bottom of each fin. The pointed piece made from the square rod may not have been metal, or at least not always. No welds are noticeable and due to the way the end was constructed, it could slide out when needed and be replaced with a less dangerous point made of wood or plastic painted to look like metal.