Used by: Death Star Gunners

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"You may fire when ready."- Grand Moff Tarkin
Those were Grand Moff Tarkin's last words to the awaiting Death Star Gunners. Primary ignition of the Death Star's superlaser commenced with the activation of a few of these levers and buttons - the controls to the powerful weapon that had already caused the destruction of Alderaan. Though the gunners were too late to destroy the Rebel's Yavin IV base, as Luke Skywalker's proton torpedo was already on it's way to the Death Star's main reactor.

The controls that operated the Death Star's powerful superlaser were actually an ISI/Grass Valley Switcher used during the 1970's in facilities such as television stations. Shown below is one of these consoles, though the layout is slightly different than the one used in the film. It is approximately 4 1/2 ft by 2 1/2 ft by 8 inches deep.

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ISI/Grass Valley Switcher control panel